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          Cafe / Gallery :  Open Thursday to Sunday 

                                        from 11am - 5pm

          Guest house :    by reservation 



 Location  Map

Location of Nishiima 25

・West part of Japan

・From center Tokyo 650km.

・From Kyoto 200km.

・From Osaka international airport 150km.

・To Hiroshima – 230km.

by Bus


Osaka airport (KIX) to Okayama station


link: From "KIX" to "Okayama st"

Okayama to Tsuyama  

Okayama W terminal  to Tsuyama st.

     11:20     12:55

     13:00    14:35

     17:10     18:50

     18:40    20:20



Osaka to Tsuyama 

bus"Osaka" to Tsuyama


Kyoto  to Tsuyama  

bus "Kyoto st" to "Tsuyama st". 

by Train 

By Shinkansen

get off "Okayama st".

change to Tsuyama line

"Okayama" st. to" Tsuyama" st. 

Okayama to Tsuyama vol 1

Okayama to Tsuyama vol 2

by rental-car 

ex. from Okayama airport

               Okayama station

By Air 

National airport "Okayama"

International       "KIX(kansai)

Over night bus


Shinjyuku to Tsuyama (night bus)

21:30 - 05:55 (Odakyu - Shimotsui)

21:45 - 06:40 (Muscat - Ryobi) 

Yokohama to Tsuyama

21:45 - 06:25 (Ryobi- Tokyo st, Shinagawa) 

* night bus site info only JP.


 Please contact me for details.